START with the HEALTH QUIZ (grab a pen or make a note of your answers) then download your weekly dosha recipe.

Once completed, tally up your answers (mostly A's, B's, C's) to find out your dosha type (vata, pitta or kapha) then download the relevant weekly recipe most suited to you.

Check the ingredients you will need in advance of preparing your recipe or, take your time and save it until the weekend.

Frame - What sort of body shape are you?
A - Thin, bony
B - Moderate, good muscle
C - Large, well developed

Skin - What sort of skin do you have?
A - Rough, dry, thin
B - Warm, oily
C - Cold, oily, thick

Hair - What sort of hair do you have?
A - Dry, thin, curly
B - Soft, oily, red, fair
C - Thick, oily, wavy, lustrous

Common ailment - What sort of common ailments are you more likely to get?
A - Nervous, sharp pains, headaches, eczema, dry, rash, gas/constipation
B - Inflammation, rashes, allergies, heartburn, ulcers, fevers
C - Fluid retention, excess mucous, bronchitis, sinus, asthma

Appetite - What sort of appetite do you have?
A - Variable, small
B - Good, regular
C - Slow, steady

Sleep - How well do you sleep?
A - Poor, disturbed
B - Moderate but sound
C - Heavy, prolonged, excessive

Emotions - How would you describe yourself?
A - Enthusiastic, outgoing, changeable ideas and moods
B - Strong-minded, purposeful, thrives on challenges, express opinion
C - Calm, placid, good natured, easy going, reliable

Stress - If you get stressed, how well do you deal with it?
A - Anxious and nervous
B - Angry, irritable
C - Fear and anger if pushed

If you ticked mostly A's, your dominant dosha is VATA
If you ticked mostly B's your dominant dosha is PITTA
If you ticked mostly C's your dominant dosha is KAPHA

If you have even answers consider yourself BI-DOSHIC (dominant in two areas) or TRI-DOSHIC (dominant in all 3 areas).

Over the next 5 weeks inquire with yourself where you see imbalances in your body, skin and mood and make a note of how you felt after eating your chosen dosha meal.

Your aim is to pacify any aggravated dosha symptoms to encourage balance in your diet and your overall health.

Keep an eye out for your email on VATA,PITTA, KAPHA summaries.

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